I want to welcome you all to my blog. It's always exciting as we lead up to the fashion show! I hope you will all stay posted as I will show you a little bit of what happens behind the scenes...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring is almost here!!

Hi everyone!  I really have full intentions of blogging more often, but just can never get around to it!  ughh...  So really, has anyone been feeling like there is no chance we will ever see the sun again in Pittsburgh?  I know I have been thinking there is no hope that warm weather will ever make its way to this part of the country.  Today the sun is out!! We took the kids to an Easter egg hunt today and didnt have to wear winter coats, hats and gloves. 

Yesterday was the shoot for the commercial piece that will be featured in Child MODEL Magazine "Summer Dreams" issue due out June 1st.  Considering we shot the entire line in 30 degree weather, the models were fantastic and I can't thank the moms enough for their patience.  Tiffany Bender of Munchkins and Mohawks was amazing!!  She really worked her tail off and I can't wait to see the images!! 

The fashion show will be Sunday, April 21st at 3pm.  If you have never attended a Miss PRISS fashion show, now is the time.  Its free, its fun, and a great opportunity to get out with your little girl and have some mommy and me time.  I will have the new items from "Butterfly Wishes" for sale and also the ever famous SALE table!!!!  You can find beautiful items for next season at unbelievable prices. 

This year we are having the show at a new childrens' clothing boutique in Washington called Princepessa.  If you are at all familiar with the Tanger Outlets you will find this boutique near the outlets and casino on the corner of route 19 in Quail Acres.  The boutique is located in a big white barn that has other retail businesses.  I really can't wait to see some familiar faces.  I will also be booking trunk shows after the fashion show.  Looking forward to a great day!!  Don't forget to follow me on Twitter @missprisskids and on Pinterest.  I saw this quote on Pinterest today and thought it was so true!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Almost here....

The anticipation is almost unbearable.  For What? you are thinking???  Well let me tell you...The first day of school and a new Miss PRISS kids collection!!  Thats what!  So I spent one of the last beautiful summer day before the first day of school doing what every mother hates.  Cleaning out closets and drawers, dusting blinds, scrubbing toilets and taking down old art projects from the bulletin board to ready the house for the influx of new papers and art projects and drawers for new school clothes.  I know my husband will never read this so I can talk about the fact that he gets mad anytime he sees a toy or art project make it's way to the trash, but really???? How much can we keep?  I have a good friend in my neighborhood who says, call "hoarders, buried alive" and tell them to come and do a show from my house!"  That is how I have been feeling lately.  It's like prepping for a new baby.  Remember washing all the clothes and cleaning out space for the "new baby" things?  Everytime I am preparing for a new collection, (and the start of school) at the same time, I feel like I have to ready the house.  Its like a mental preparation.  A process.  So to all you moms who are getting ready for all your little ones to make their way to school, lets meet for a cup of coffee!!  Of course I still have my little Cesa Rina for a few more weeks until she scampers off to preschool.  I am sure some of you have the feeling that it is a sigh of relief but at the same time a little sad:(  As much as we need some peace and quiet, we miss the chaos!  Ok well I do anyway.  The truth is I will have my own chaos right around the corner when I launch Miss PRISS "Fairytale Forest".  I am so looking forward to it and I hope you are too!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

This is the time of year that I start to get weepy.  All the excitement of the summer is drawing to a close and we ask the question... Where did the summer go?  At the end of my Spring/Summer collection "Pixies and Pigtails" I was reflecting on whether I could do it all over again.  Well.... For those of you who have been wondering, I have decided to do another collection.  I know you all heard me grumbling about the time and the stress involved, but the creative process is a CRAZY THING!!  I just can't stop!!!!!  Just when I think I can't do it again, I find myself looking for inspiration and have sleepless nights creating the images of the clothing in my head as I toss and turn.  For someone who loves the process, it's like an addiction.  That's me.  I am a creativity addict!!  My grandmother definitely handed that down.  She is still sewing at 87 years old!!  She just made 16 memory bears for a family.  For those of you who don't know what that is, she takes clothing from a deceased family member and uses it to create bears out of the garments.  It's truly magnificent.  They are so beautiful and each one is different.  She once made bears out of men's ties.  So that is my curse.  Every time I think I can't do another collection, I dive right in and fall in love all over again with fabric, and trim, and all things girly!!  So please, please consider attending the fashion show.  I know you will all love "fairytale forest".  It is a beautiful color palette and is sure to be stunning on all your little ones!!!!!  I can't wait to see you all soon!!!! 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

So close...

Ok. So there are just some times when listening to your kids will pay off. Yesterday I took the girls to buy my mega-millions jackpot tickets. I said, "give me some numbers". Cesa kept yelling 2, 4, 2, 4. Now, she is four years old so she doesn't really know a lot of numbers so I colored in the 2 and proceeded to pick other numbers. Wouldn't you know that if I had just picked the "4" she would have helped me win $150 dollars. It's not the millions but it's nice to win! I had 3 of the 5 numbers. I was so mad at myself today. Sometimes we should listen to our kids because it can pay off - literally.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Vintage images I love!!

Ok.  So I am absolutely obsessed with vintage images!  They really make me happy.  Here are just a few I love.  I hope you enjoy them too...

Pretty Frocks

Hey everyone!!! Just a few items from the "Pixies and Pigtails" collection.  U like?   I am really loving this collection.  So colorful and fun.  I am really going to keep the posts coming so follow my blog and you can get a sneak peek of what is to come...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Only two weeks away...

I can't believe that it took me so long to complete another blog. Time
Flies and when you are trying to cut fabric around the clock, meet seamstresses, grocery shop, prepare dinners, keep up with laundry, homework, and various sports practices, life just seems to fly by. I know all you moms that might be reading this get it! I really admire those of you who "go" to work all day out of the home and still have to do all these things. So "pixies and pigtails" is getting dangerously close. I can tell you it is looking so fab! If I can say so myself. Please try to make it to the fashion show. I love all the support you wonderful ladies always give me. It truly is what keeps me going.i can give you a sample of what is to come...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Get Ready...Here we go...

Miss PRISS is excited to announce the launch of "Prissy PREP School."  This is a british inspired line with an edgier side than you have ever seen from us before.  We will remain true to what Miss PRISS stands for which is feminine, fun, and innocent design while capturing the latest trends.  When I found out both my partner Kim and my sister Holly were pregnant last fall, I thought there is NO WAY I am doing a fall line.  Well... here we are firming up patterns and getting ready to dress the runway once again.  I hope you will stay tuned and remember, you are the best advertisement for Miss PRISS.  Spread the word!!! 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Countdown...

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to my brand new blog!  I am not sure who will even read this but it is kinda fun to think that Miss PRISS supporters can have a look inside this crazy train.  Ok, so maybe it's for me to vent my frustrations and all part of the creative process.  Whatever the reason, if you like it let me know.  As we spend the next few months getting ready to launch the spring/summer 2011 line, I really hope that it generates excitement and gives a hint about the spring fashion show!  Enjoy!!!